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American English Pronunciation | P vs B | Pronounce a Perfect P Sound!!

"In this American English pronunciation lesson you will learn the key to the Perfect P sound and how P is different from B."

Watch the video by Keenyn Rhodes . . .

How to Say ‘aw’ in a Word (Law vs. Low) | American English Pronunciation | Vowels

"Is there a difference between 'low' and 'law'? Learn how to pronounce 'aw' in words."

Watch the video by Hadar Shemesh (photo, left) . . .

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Handling a Crisis 4: Moving Forward

"This Business English Pod lesson is the final part in our series on handling a crisis. We’ll see how to start moving forward after the first phase of a crisis has passed."

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We Added New Words to the Dictionary in April 2019

"More than 640 new words, from 'bioabsorbable' to 'bottle episode.'"

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10 TED Talks on AI and Machine Learning

"How will AI reshape your career? Your health? Your ability to tell real from fake video? Recent TED talks explore some fascinating AI questions."

Kevin Casey (photo, left) put together the 10 TED videos at The Enterprisers Project.

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How Visually Literate Are You?

Nayomi Chibana (photo, left) covers the topic at

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Are Your Students Prepared to Encounter Artificial Intelligence in the Job Search Process?

Are your students prepared to encounter artificial intelligence in the job search process? A growing number of companies now use AI (artificial intelligence) for recruiting and interviewing. more in Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition.

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Teach Your Business Communication Students about Intelligent Communication Technologies

Intelligent communication technologies are sweeping through business, but only one text explains how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business communication. Get ready for the future with Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition.

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Business Communication Textbooks: Finding the Right Fit for Your Course

As the only business communication series with three distinct textbooks, the Bovée-Thill series offers you more choices for a better fit with your unique needs—whether you focus on writing fundamentals, interpersonal communication, or contemporary media skills.

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Augmented Writing, Cognitive Automation, Text Mining, and Augmented Ability Apps

Augmented writing, cognitive automation, text mining, and augmented ability apps are capabilities that were once the stuff of science fiction but are becoming everyday business tools. Get your students ready with Excellence in Business Communication, 13th edition.

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